Writing Rules

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1. Academic papers, written in Turkish and English, are accepted in ARTS. Each issue can include translation studies, which are determined or selected by the editor or editorial board. Besides, work reviews, book introductions or meetings/galleries/exhibitions/festival reviews, interviews 1500-3500-word can also take place.

2. Manuscripts should be between 3500 - 8500 words, including references. Explanatory notes should be numbered in the text and placed as footnotes at the bottom of the relevant page. Each study should include 150-200 words in Turkish and English Abstract (with at least three and at most six keywords). The study should be saved in a word processor (.docx extension) based on the article format on the "submit article" tab on the DergiPark page of ARTS. Manuscripts should be written in Century Gothic font, 1.5 line spacing, and 11 points, and footnotes should be written in 10 points and 1 line spacing.

3. Before submitting their work for evaluation, writers should comply with certain formal and bibliographic rules. In order to do this, you should use the article format in the "submit article" tab of ARTS DergiPark; The rules of submission and publication of the manuscripts that are in the same tab and determined by the ARTS editorial board should also be followed.

4. As a result of the preliminary examination by the editors, in case of any contrary situation, the study is returned to the authors. In addition, studies that require revision as a result of the referee evaluation and editor's decision are sent back to the authors. In these cases, the authors are required to make the necessary corrections in line with the findings made by the editor and send their work again. The work of the authors who do not submit the requested corrections within fifteen (15) days, unless otherwise stated within the editorial planning, shall be rejected.

5. Authors are compulsory to prepare their academic studies in accordance with ethical rules and to submit them through similarity (plagiarism) programs before sending them to our journal.

6. Authors should write their names in full while following the "submit article" steps, pay attention to the fact that their titles are up-to-date in the DergiPark system, write the titles of their work with only the first letters of the words in the title capital, in addition to the Turkish title and summary of their work, written in English and / or other languages. should definitely add the title and its abstracts, and pay attention to the rule that keywords should be written in strictly lowercase letters even if a special name is included. 

7. The authors of the refereed process should fill in, sign and scan the documents related to their publication in the journal and upload them to the DergiPark system. The copyright of the manuscripts approved by the Editorial Board belongs to Mardin Artuklu University Artuklu Journal of Arts and Humanities (ARTS); cannot be published elsewhere. Authors are not paid royalties.