Before submitting an article to ARTS...

I. You are expected to review a number of issues that are frequently encountered, prolonging the evaluation process or causing articles not to be evaluated.

II. Unless otherwise stated, ARTS does not have a deadline for submission of periodical issues. The condition for incoming articles to be included in the following periodical issue is (i) they pass editorial control, (ii) referee evaluations and (iii) they are included in the layout/design process as a result of final evaluations.

III. In accordance with the decision of the Editorial Board dated August 01, 2021, humanities studies with an artistic perspective are included in our journal starting from the 6th issue. In this context, instead of interpreting art within a purely technical and closed terminology, it is preferred to read it from within the epistemology of human science and therefore to observe its social context.

Respectfully announced to those concerned.

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