Personal Data Declaration Form


This clarification text has been issued by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM with the title of data supervisor as per the article 10 of the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data and the Communiqué on Procedures and Principles to be observed for fulfilling the Clarification Liability.

The objective of this Clarification Test is to determine the terms for use of the personal data shared with our Institution by the members/visitors/users of the platform [scholars, authors, editors, referee groups, journal managers, researchers, students, citizens etc. (all referred as ‘’Relevant Person’’ collectively hereinafter) while operating the website and mobile application platform of or processed by our Institution during the use of the Platform by the Relevant Person.

TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM provides storage in electronic media and editorial process management services for the peer-reviewed academic journals published in Turkey, supports sustainability of national academic journals in line with the standards and enhancing their international visibility, provides infrastructure without interfering in operation, management and content of these journals and supplies ‘’technical assistance’’ for use of the system within the scope of the DergiPark platform established in order to improve the quality of academic periodical publishing in Turkey in accordance with the standards, enhance visibility and use of national academic journals globally, ensure use of a system enabling management of the journals in electronic media at a frequent and advanced level and provide measurable clean data for TR Index and National Reference Index.

DergiPark enables management of the information flow among the authors, editors and referee groups, journal managers, page setup supervisors, end readers, readers and users as well as information sharing and quick access to the articles ready for publication.

Open access is making the scientific literature open for public free of charge through internet in an accessible, readable, saveable, duplicable, printable, scannable, indexable, referable manner that can be transferred to software as data and used for any lawful purpose without financial, legal and technical barriers. The main rationale of open access is to enhance the influence of the research by ensuring easy access to the results of scientific research. Thanks to open access, a research may easily make its study open for users throughout the globe online. By means of open access, the research results are used by more people and thus it encourages conducting new studies. TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM support the national Open Science studies conducted in Turkey via the DergiPark Project.

The below-mentioned personal data of the relevant persons directly collected from them orally, in writing or in electronic media as well as personal data collected by automatic or non-automatic methods from all public organizations of Republic of Turkey and all national and international organizations and institutions cooperated by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM indirectly are electronically collected, processed and transferred. They are listed below in detail:

  • Name & Surname
  • Title
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Web Address
  • Scientific and Technological Areas of Activity and Subject
  • Qualifications
  • Organization
  • Telephone
  • Address

Your personal data shared within the scope of the DergiPark service shall be recorded, saved, stored, classified for legal/scientific/financial requirements and reasons, updated and may be disclosed to real and legal persons in Turkey if needed and classified, reported, shared and processed by our Institution (in any language) with the title of Data Supervisor in order to perform the abovementioned establishment goals of DergiPark as ‘’the Data Supervisor must do it to satisfy its legal liabilities’’ ‘’without damaging fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person’’ and ‘’it is compulsory to process the data due to legitimate interests of the Data Supervisor’’ as per article 5 of LPPD and legal reasons specified in article 6 of the same law.

As the DergiPark service hosts not only national journals but also journals in different languages within the scope of the open access principle and provides service for relevant persons residing abroad, the personal data of the relevant persons in Turkey and abroad are shared with third persons abroad in a manner limited to the objectives specified herein on condition that the requirements of article 9 of the law are satisfied.

Your personal data shall be stored during the legal storage period or as needed for the processing purpose if no such period is stipulated and they shall be taken out of data flows of our Institution by deletion, disposal or anonymization (making personal data unidentifiable which cannot be related to a real person whose identity is identified or identifiable in any manner) when this period expires.

The relevant persons shall be informed on notices, announcements, warnings, information requests and advertisements regarding organizational processes and DergiPark through e-mail and telephone provided that they have given explicit consent.

You shall be entitled for the following regarding your personal data by applying to our Institution as per article 11 of LPPD.

a) Learning whether they have been processed or not;

b) Inquiring about them if they have been processed;

c) Learning the purpose of processing and whether they have been used for intended objectives;

d) Learning about 3rd persons to whom they have been transferred in Turkey and abroad;

e) Requesting for correction if they have been processed deficiently/inaccurately;

f) Requesting for deletion/disposal within the frame of the terms stipulated in article 7 of LPPD;

g) Requesting for notification of 3rd parties to whom they have been transferred on the acts taken as per the sub-paragraphs (e) and (f) above;

h) Objecting to occurrence of negative consequences due to analyses by automatic systems exclusively and

i) Claiming for compensation in case of your suffering losses due to unlawful processing.

Your rights specified herein shall be enforced as from the date of your reading and agreeing to this letter of consent.


I declare that I have obtained (on the date recorded by DergiPark), read, checked, assessed the clarification text, which can be accessed on the address, regarding the processing of my personal data by the Institution as per the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) and accepted the text by considering all those aforementioned and I give explicit consent for processing of my personal data, obtained and detailed by the methods specified in the clarification text with my free will, for the purposes and reasons indicated therein as per the provisions of LPPD and its sharing with both relevant persons of the DergiPark website and application platform (members, visitors, users, authors, editors, referee groups, journal managers, readers etc.) and third party real and legal persons and I also give consent for being notified on organisational processes as well as announcements, warnings, information requests and advertisements about DergiPark by using my contact details (e-mail, telephone etc.) provided that my right to claim for possible damages to me caused by fault or negligence of the Institution during execution of the provisions above is reserved.

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